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Natural Living
Eco House

Design, construction, retraining of organic houses

Living with zero impact

Natural Living is an eco-sustainable architecture studio in Rome that has focused its construction activity on bio-building projects for the construction of ecological houses and buildings, using natural materials and energy-saving systems. Our biohouses are built respecting the environment and the people who will have to live there, thanks to the use of straw, clay, wood and raw earth, photovoltaic systems and thermal insulation systems. Natural Living is also becoming increasingly aware of the Ecodesign sector, always looking for new forms and innovative materials to obtain products with a unique design and made of biodegradable materials.

Restructure and retrain your home

Our architecture and green building studio is also involved in the renovation and energy redevelopment of the house. To renovate your home in an ecological way, our bio-architects will make an assessment of the actual state of your home and will offer you a tailor-made quote that takes into account the initial characteristics of your home and your goals to have a high energy efficiency home. low environmental impact. Furthermore you will always have the guarantee of having redone your home with natural and not harmful materials. We use wooden frames, wooden deck coverings, two-layer parquet, natural oils and varnishes.

Respect for the environment

The materials used by “Natural Living” in the construction of its homes are natural and recyclable, that is, they can be used for other processes once their life cycle has ended.

Conscious Consumption

The advantages of a correct thermal insulation result in a significant reduction in energy consumption. The structure of ceilings, walls and base ensure very low thermal conductivity values, little dispersion in winter and cool environment in summer.

Natural Materials

“Natural Living” uses completely natural materials such as: straw, clay, raw earth, wood … Straw like wood removes CO2 from the atmosphere, it is totally renewable, it is a waste product, biodegradable and of little economic value .

Bio House

The materials used for the construction of houses are totally natural and completely recyclable. The main features of a Bio House are: thermal insulation, energy saving and indoor environment quality.

Ecological footprint

The ecological footprint allows us to visualize what it means to consume too much, exceeding the quota of resources to which we would be entitled.


Straw Bale Building

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Energy Redevelopment

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